254nm wavelength that doesn’t emit ozone, thanks to the certified PHILIPS UVC sources.

In a short time the air and directly illuminated surfaces in premises up to 45 m² are disinfected. The average cycle of disinfection with AURA 2020 is 20 minutes depending on the area of the room. It saves more time than other non-contact disinfectants

Easy implementation in the disinfection process 
Our team will train your staff and will help you implement the UV-C disinfection in the established processes and protocols.

A variety of uses
Depending on the features of the premise, you can mount AURA 2020 on the wall or on the ceiling, also on electric guide rail. AURA 2020 is perfect device for daily use. Thanks to its compact size and light weight, it can be used for disinfection of cars, buses and other vehicles.

Cost effective 
Low operating price and minimum maintenance



Made from high quality materials.

Thanks to the remote control option, you can safely start the disinfection at the desired location while you are at a safe distance.


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